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The Baiden Mitten is a simple yet precise Health and Beauty tool used for deep cleaning and rejuvenating the skin through Microdermabrasion, a form of Exfoliation for centuries. The Mitten’s Magic lies in how the thread is formed and manipulated from high quality natural tree fiber with the specific calibration of the weave to achieve it’s effectiveness.

Detoxifying skin is the primary function, however, a slowing of Aging is a significant benefit of the massaging action that stimulates blood flow to the capillaries as well as increasing the production of collagen.

With continual use over time, a Reversal in Aging has been shown. Producing this Natural Toxin-Free product requires Specialized Skills possessed by only a handful of Artisans in the world. The process was developed in Ancient times, kept Secret for a select few and handed down in One family for Centuries.

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