Baiden Mitten is the Best Exfoliation tool on the planet

To date, I have done body exfoliating four times with this mitten...

I have never, ever had similar results with anything, even professional microdermabrasion. The whole texture of my skin is changing and it is already of better texture than 10 years ago. My legs are so smooth after just two uses (a week apart) of this amazing mitten. I can't stop touching my skin now, it feels like silk. To date, I have done body exfoliating four times with this mitten, and after each time the texture of my skin becomes finer and finer. I just want to see how far back in time my skin can go. It is so exciting! I am a spray tanning professional, and I have used it with all forms of fake tanning. The result - the tan lasts lots longer and wears off evenly, even on the feet!
- Boshena W.

I'm just amazed its not more "mainstream", in the beauty industry...

Hi Baiden Mitten Folks- I received my mitten in the mail last night and stayed up super late to get the chance to try it as my day and night quickly got away from me, but I was so excited to check it out! Hard to believe but it honestly does what it claims! ! ! ! ! ! I'm sure you get responses like this all the time, I'm just amazed its not more "mainstream", in the beauty industry (but at the same time it would put a lot of people out of business ha ha!) Any-who, just want to say a huge thanks as I can't wait to see more improvements to my skin with continued use... I'm amazed. I'm honestly kind of speechless at the results after ONE TIME?!?! That NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!! I'm the kind of girl that will and has already tried anything and everything out there. It does what it promises and Baiden delivered, no question and I gotta say, that's kind of a first!! I feel like I've tried nearly everything out there for my skin with little to no luck,then Baiden comes along and kicks everything elses a&&, to the curb- Again, speechless really... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANNNNNNK YOU!!!!!!
-Jill C.

I conquered my skepticism when...

I just ordered a new one; it is truly a wonderful product. I am so glad I conquered my skepticism when ordering for the 1st time last year. Best regards to all,
-Que R.

It has been worth every penny!

Love this product!! I have only had it less than a month and only wish I had gotten it sooner. It had a money back guarantee so how could I go wrong trying it? Definitely not returning though, it has been worth every penny! Also kudos to their customer service department! They have been super friendly, very nice and quick in returning all my emails. Don't find customer service like that anymore. You have a long life customer here for sure! Thank you Baiden Mitten!!
- Melissa T.

I did not like the texture of the mitten...

I did not like the Baiden Mitten. I like soft things such as creams for skin rejuvenation. I heard many good things about it. I finally ordered it. It became very firm when I put it into water and I did not like the idea of scrubbing my skin with it. I changed my mind and sent it back. They refunded my account for the full amount. Thank you.
- Julie C.

Over a ladies brunch, a dear girlfriend mentioned she had just ordered it...

Over a ladies brunch, a dear girlfriend mentioned she had just ordered the Baiden Mitten as it was recommended to her for smooth skin. Coincidentally, I had just given up on my Whole Foods exfoliating sponge as it wasn't doing anything for me. I ordered the Baiden Mitten and was pleasantly shocked as to how amazing it really is. Like another poster, I wish I knew about this sooner. No need to spend money on those expensive scrubs like Fresh or even the Trader Joes version as well as those expensive spa scrub downs, this works wonderfully after soaking just for ten minutes in the bath tub. My skin is silky smooth and you see it working immediately. Truly an investment worth making, as you will not only see the results, but also not have to spend money on additional products. Additionally, their customer service is unparalleled. Not only will they respond immediately, they take great pride in their product. A fan for life. Thank you indeed!!!
- Anna C.


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