Baiden Mitten is the Best Exfoliation tool on the planet

Hello! and Thank You for choosing The Baiden Mitten.

Please Follow the Simple Instructions and you should get the same or similar results as shown in the photos and video clips. To help you get the Best Results with your Baiden Mitten, We are sharing a few of Our Favorite and Special Tips that have come to us through experience and success.

  • For those of you with oily skin or that use oily lotions, please wash with soap and water Before soaking in the tub. Too much oil makes the skin slippery and prevents The Baiden Mitten’s effectiveness in attracting impurities.
  • Your skin should be damp during the exfoliation, about as wet as when perspiring. Too much water makes the skin slippery and prevents the exfoliation.
  • Keep your bathroom warm and moist during the exfoliation. Sweating during exfoliation loosens impurities and toxins, washing them away with the action of The Mitten.
  • Drink an abundant amount of water as the more hydrated the body is, the more effectively it will flush out toxins. Dehydration inhibits exfoliation. You will also want to replace fluids lost through perspiration. 
  • As you see the residues rolling off, Do Not Rinse them away as they will adhere to more residues, making your exfoliation more effective, easier and faster. A whole body exfoliation can be accomplished in about 15 minutes, followed by a refreshing finishing rinse.
  • Exfoliation attempts with other products polishes the surface skin smooth and slick preventing The Baiden Mitten from effectively gripping impure residue in the pores and on the skin’s surface. AVOID exfoliating with other products, for at least a week before your treatment with The Baiden Mitten.
  • Use ONLY Plain Water for Soaking !  Soaps, Lotions and Oils can make skin slippery and may prevent Exfoliation.
  • It is Best to Avoid Sensitive Skin areas until your Skin becomes Accustomed to The Baiden Mitten and the Exfoliation Process. With experience You will learn how firmly you can rub and when to stop.

As You begin Your journey with The Baiden Mitten, May you Reveal your most Beautiful, Vibrant and Healthy Skin.

Healthfully yours,
The Baiden Mitten
Customer Service Team

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