Baiden Mitten is the Best Exfoliation tool on the planet

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Then Follow the ‘Easy To Use’ Instructions below:

  • Soak in a bath of comfortably warm to hot plain water for 10∼15 minutes ...No soap or added products. A long steamy shower is OK, or a sauna that causes you to sweat will work as long as it loosens the surface layer of dead skin cells and residue. Use The Baiden Mitten at the END of your soak.
  • After your soak, Leave your skin moist. Rinse The Baiden Mitten in hot water and wring it out. Wear it over your hand (One size fits all).
  • Firmly Rub The Mitten on your body or face using a back∼and∼forth or up∼and∼down motion while your skin is still damp. It is very important to choose the right amount of pressure that suits Your skin.
  • Once the exfoliation begins, DO NOT RINSE the rolled off fragments as they facilitate a ‘snow ball’ effect, sticking to more and more residue and dead skin cells. Rinse off when finished.
  • Practice common sense when using The Baiden Mitten around sensitive body areas. Avoid intensely scrubbing any one area.
  • WATCH IN AMAZEMENT as The Baiden Mitten removes dead skin and residue accumulations LEAVING YOU WITH VIBRANT HEALTHIER SKIN !!

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