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The story of the Baiden Mitten ...

egan Long ago in the time of the Ottoman Empire when Ancient Cultures flourished. Many Traditions were born and evolved at Communal Bath Houses. They were not only locations for the practiced Cleansing Ritual, but were Centers where people Congregated, Socialized and Conducted Business.

 Bath Houses were especially important to the Ladies of Harems. They attended their weekly “Spa Like” steam bathing and skin cleansing sessions dressed in their finest robes followed by servants carrying baskets filled with delicious morsels to nourish them during long hours of Beauty Rituals and sharing stories.

There was Competition among the Ladies, each one striving to be the most beautiful. Thus, the Art of Beauty was a serious endeavor and much wealth was spent caring for their skin. 

They paid handsomely with many Purses of Gold toward perfecting it and then many times more for the Exclusivity of keeping the exact design Secret for a select few. It was passed down in One Family for Centuries.

The wealthiest Ladies employed the best Artisans to supply them with the most effective beauty tools. Th e Baiden Mitten, a ‘Course Woven Cloth’, that left their skin “as Smooth as the Finest Silk”, was developed for the most powerful Ladies of Sultan Osman’s Harem.    

‘The Mitten’ was entrusted to Ishay’s Grandmother, Asiye, in the late 1920’s, by a close friend. This could have only happened after the Ottoman Empire of 600 years was officially ended in 1922. ‘The Mitten’, then became a fortunate circumstance of every day life for Ishay, as she was growing up in Turkey with her Mother.

The skin renewing action of ‘The  Mitten’ created a legacy of beautiful skin and continues to inspire her. In memory of her Mother, who was lost to cancer at age 63, she knew that making this uniquely effective tool available to the world would please her Mother.

To further honour her Mother, she adapted her Mother’s name, Baide, to the Mitten and it became The Baiden Mitten. Now, this once Ancient Secret, The Baiden Mitten, is Available to You.

Nothing approaches its effectiveness. The unique design of The Baiden Mitten deep cleans the skin producing a long term rejuvenating effect that considerably slows the aging process.

With proper and continual use, It will Beautify Your Skin for your life. That is our Guarantee!

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